Slide We provide turnkey solutions in the fields of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Automated Metering Infrastructure Architecture. Unified Engineering
and ICT Solutions
About Xsemble

Assembling expertise required to deliver effective and sustainable solutions

We are Xsemble! Expertise Assembled!
We unify engineering and information technology to develop and implement efficient and sustainable solutions.

We provide the best technical and management expertise to execute projects on time at the right quality and within budget.

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We provide bespoke and efficient turnkey Electrical and Mechanical engineering solutions for building services industry, manufacturing and other industries


We provide holistic and integrated Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions and products to a variety of clients in various industries

Utility Services

We offer utility metering services where we leverage Advanced Metering Infrastructure through an open-platform API across authorised stakeholders and disciplines

Information and Communications Technology

We create remarkable digital products and deliver a world class services

We offer a holistic and integrated approach where we utilize advanced products, tools, systems and methodologies to optimize system efficiency in our client’s business establishments. Our professional services incorporate IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices in line with: Project Management, Business Analysis, Architecture Development, System Development/ Integration.

Business Management

Software solutions that offer ERP, analytics, processes and planning.


Network auditing, valuation, design and systems engineering.

Cyber Security

Defend your organisation and digital infrastructure from malicious attacks.

App Development

Full development life cycle. Plan, design, develop and deploy applications.

AMI Architecture

Design and implement automated, utility metering and data management.

Enterprise IT

System design and development, IT Architecture and MDM Data Management.

ICT Resourcing

Contract resourcing and subsequent resource management.

Utility Services

Automated smart meters with monitoring, control and data reporting

Our utilities monitoring and metering platform is ready for the rapid adoption of future technologies and market disruptions in our ever- evolving digital world.


Automated Meter Reading (AMR) and Automated Meter Intelligence.


Complete monitoring, control and reporting for accurate data analytics.

Hardware Integration

Technology agnostic hardware with open-platform MDMS for ease of integration.

Data Security

High data encryption standards for the consumption of data protection of users.

Asset Tracking

Protected assets through tracking and monitoring techniques.


Automated account billing and statements to eliminate tedious admin tasks.

User Friendly

Platforms catering for both Managing Agents and Consumers.


Efficient, Smart and Sustainable Engineering Solutions

Engineering Design

Feasibility and detailed engineering building designs.


Construction, Commissioning, and Project Management

Renewable Energy

Solar PV design, installation and plant maintenance.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency demand side management.

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